our services

Boost growth, minimize risks and improve efficiency.

IT Consultancy

We have the mindset that organizations should experience the best when it comes to Technology, this is why we come in, we consult for organizations and governments, we listen to their concerns and issues, our team of IT experts identifies the needs and provides the road map to the solution.

Web Design

Our websites do not just look good, they perform.
We create a complete web experience, a perfect and beautiful user interface that corresponds with functionalities of the website. Easy navigations and responsive and built to fit multiple screen sizes.

Software Development

We provide tailored solutions for organizations and the government, we interact deeply with the involved parties to be able to understand the needs and we draft out blueprints that will metamorphosize into the required solutions. Our Soltutions are enterprise, robust and ready to perform.

Mobile Application Development

We take note of the fact that the world is already mobile and most people have mobile phones and do pretty much with them, so we take the solutions where we expect it to be. We pride of a team of mobile application developers that can build any type of applications from simple to the complex ones.

Bespoke Solutions for a wide range of sectors

Some of the sectors we serve

Tax & IGR

We help state and federal governments in the collections of taxes & Internally Generated Revenue. We automate, expand and optimise the system for seamless collections.

Utility Bills

We work closely with service providers and utility token vendors, our central payment system opens its APIs to them ready to accept payments and give value to clients accordingly.


Identity is key and should be unique. We build robust identity management systems with finger prints. This curbs identity theft and cuts across, various industries, governmental, HR, banking & finance.


We develop E-Learning platforms where people do not have to leave the comfort of their homes in order to receive an education or learn a skill, we have made distance learning even easy.


We provide businesses with a market space on the web, be it for membership payment, sales of physical or virtual items, we develop web markets where merchants get paid for and value is given to clients


From simple to enterprise, we build portals with customised features just the way the clients requested. We have various cut to size portals form Job, School, Hospital, Membership & Employees Management.